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Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma


Message: I am indeed very delighted to know that Parbottor Chattagram Regional Council has recently launched a website for sharing and disseminating council knowledge among the employees of Parbottor Chattagram Regional Council with versatility. This is undoubtedly a commendable initiative on the part ofParbottor Chattagram Regional Council Innovation. It also gives me immense pleasure to thank you all who have been the part of developing and designing the website and taken pain to bring the task to light.

CHTRC has a glorious past in imparting knowledge to the vast workforce of Parbottor Chattagram Regional Council and I believe their ceaseless and glorified efforts would continue in the days to come with same spirit, vigour and resonance for building up a pro-active, committed and skilled workforce for steady and sound growth of the Bank.

Bangladesh is a fast growing economy with tremendous achievement of GDP growth rate in the recent past years and marching toward a developing country within a very short time. Moreover to achieve the goal of SDG we shall need a very efficient, expert and motivated manpower. I believe that CHTRC will partly be able to make such a skilled human resource to leave contribution for fostering country’s development.

On this noble initiative, I express my best wishes for all-out success of the Academy.